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sparking   action
to end gender-based     violence

My mission is to inspire groups and organizations to act to end gender-based violence. I do this through public speaking and teaching, creating sound public policy, and building strong organizations. I've worked at the local, state, and federal level, and chances are I've faced the challenges you face every day.  If you are the director of a domestic violence shelter or state coalition, I've been in your shoes. If you are a government leader or school official, I know the hard work it takes to create change. If you are a community activist or nonprofit leader, I know you are motivated by a vision for social justice. I'd love to work with you to end gender-based violence. 

What I Do

I help schools, government agencies, and service providers develop policies that both improve the response to domestic violence and sexual assault and work to end the conditions that allow violence to happen. 

I specialize in strategic planning for small organizations and those in the midst of change. I help your organization figure out who you are and where you are going by focusing on your strengths, values, and the environment in which you are working. I want you to be excited by your purpose and ready for change. 
I know that effective meetings are central to your work at the local, state, or national level. I help you design and facilitate meetings that accomplish your goals and bring people together.  

I inspire audiences through keynote speeches and interactive workshops that focus on the most critical issues we face in working together to end gender-based violence.        






Policy & Program





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